Foundation for the Development of Science and Education "Intellect"

The "Intellect" foundation was founded in 1994 with the aim of promoting the development of science and education in the Kharkiv region. The foundation is currently involved in the implementation of regional, national and international educational and scientific projects in the field of technical, social and behavioral sciences. The Foundation organizes scientific and communication events, training, internship and professional development programs, contributes to the establishment of interregional and international relations between educational institutions and research teams. The Foundation provides technical and methodological support for research by partner institutions.



Research and development projects

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Training courses and educational materials

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Ukrainian Longitudinal Study (ULS)

Monitoring the influence of various factors on the health of Ukrainian children throughout life with a special focus on risky behavior in relation to their own health (primarily risk factors for addictive behavior).

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Capacity Building for Lifespan Focused Substance Use Disorder Research in Ukraine

The project brings together researchers in the field of addictive behavior research, includes internship and training programs in scientific and practical seminars with the participation of experts in the field of substance use from around the world.

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«Youth and drugs» (Partner research)

Sociologists of the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs together with the Sociological Association of Ukraine have been monitoring the spread of addictive behavior among young people in Kharkiv since 1995.

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Studies of Etiology, Prevention and Treatment of Chemical Addictions: Summaries of the Core Articles

Introduction to Research Methods in Substance Use and Abuse: e-learning course materials

Ukrainian Longitudinal Study (ULS): Methodical recommendations on the use of psychodiagnostic tools of the first wave of research